Hi all, I'm getting an error while installing the ...
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Hi all, I'm getting an error while installing the requirements.txt for my dagster project. everything works great on windows, cloned the repo from gitlab to the linux server and can't install the dependency for pywin32 on linux (because why would you?). The python package "pipdeptree" shows it as a dependency for dagit. This can't be windows only right ?
I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious.
it shouldn’t try to pull it in when installing on not-Windows
what does the install command / requirements.txt that you are running on linux look like?
I see. I'm doing local development on a windows laptop and pushed it (along with a requirements.txt) up to a linux server. that's why it has it.
installing straight from pip on linux works fine
i believe you can have conditional requirements.txt files
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using sys_platform
thanks max . wasn't aware you could have conditionals.