Hello! The `README.md` in dagster-ge says: > Th...
# announcements
Hello! The
in dagster-ge says:
This library is not meant for current use, as it is built on deprecated abstractions. It will be rebuilt.
Is this accurate? It looks like things are being updated. Should I not be trying to use great expectations yet?
Hey Adam! The initial integration was built a long time ago and since then the Great Expectations team has done a ton of work and made the library more opinionated with it’s own notion of context etc. We wanted to make it clear that this is pretty outdated. However we do keep tests running and so large refactors of our codebase can hit it. We look forward to a better integration with great expectations that aligns with their direction. Our notion of expectation is more generalized than GE and so we think the libraries will actually play quite nicely together.
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