HI Team I am trying to use Yaml file and define a ...
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HI Team I am trying to use Yaml file and define a common workflow format and then try to translate it into dagster format . I am first reading and loading yaml then converting it into json format. Can anybody from the team please confirm if this would be the right approach to further use it to translate it into corresponsing dagster workflow format. Basically I want tasks and everything to be defined in yaml format and dagster to represent it. I would appreciate any help regarding this or suggestions to translate yaml to dagster . TIA
We have worked with others who generate their dagster pipelines from another source format such as yaml/json. Should be relatively straight forward. You will likely want to use the
constructor directly https://dagster.readthedocs.io/en/0.6.6/sections/api/apidocs/pipeline.html#dagster.PipelineDefinition