Hello everyone, I am a user of dagster and I could...
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Hello everyone, I am a user of dagster and I couldn't find a way to inject environment variables in my resources. Is there any documentation about this ? Thank you 🙂
Could you provide some more context on what exactly you want to do?
can be used in your @resource creation function
Sure, I want to create a db resource which gets its credentials (user, db_name, etc...) from a .yaml file populated by env variables like postgres_db_name=${POSTGRES_DB_NAME} but it's not replacing the value with the environment value. Not sure if it is clear enough, if so I will give more details.
Maybe it is something to deal with in the preset creation ?
when you say .yaml file, are you talking about a dagster specific yaml file (like a preset file that you are loading?), or is this some generic configuration yaml file with credentials that you would like to read with environment variables already pre-populated?
Hi @Alexis M consider the following:
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import os

from dagster import Field, ModeDefinition, String, execute_pipeline, pipeline, resource, solid

def env_resource(init_context):
    return os.getenv(init_context.resource_config)

def log_dagster_home(context):

    mode_defs=[ModeDefinition(resource_defs={'dagster_home': env_resource})]
def dagster_home_pipeline():

if __name__ == '__main__':
        dagster_home_pipeline, {'resources': {'dagster_home': {'config': 'DAGSTER_HOME'}}}
Yes @abhi its a dagster specific file
Ah yeah, dagster doesn't pre-populate your preset yaml files at the moment. You need to do something like what @max mentioned above (IE specifying your environment variable names in your config and using the resource abstraction and
to access your environment variables)
I understand, thank you guys for your help ! 👌
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