Hey everyone, searched this slack, couldn't find a...
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Hey everyone, searched this slack, couldn't find an answer somehow. How can I deploy dagit with some password on top (like jupyter does for example)? I created a pipeline and launch it from cli now, but want all this interactive things but don't like that anyone can go to ip and have access to it
We currently don’t provide any sort of auth layer out-of-the-box. We definitely need to think about this though as this is a reasonable request not just for pure auth but also resource attribution for pipeline runs etc. Stay tuned!
But can you recommend anything now? Like a flask app on top for serving or something like this?
In the past I’ve seen folks put internal apps like this beyond an OAuth reverse proxy that hooks into SSO from Okta, GSuite, etc. so if that’s an option for you, you might be able to use a RP
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