Hi Team , The above mentioned issue still exists I...
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Hi Team , The above mentioned issue still exists I even tried a simple jupyter notebook with just a print hello message and I am getting an execution error
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notebook_solid = dm.define_dagstermill_solid(
def notebook_pipeline():
    return PipelineDefinition(name='pipeline', solid_defs=[notebook_solid])
hello! our bad on the delay
what is the body of the notebook?
I was able to get it going like this
Thanks for rsponding .I am exatcly doing the same thing but getting this error
there is only one difference between what you have done that i am using this command to execute
dagit-cli -f sample1.py -n  notebook_pipeline
As I am a windows user
body of the notebook and other files
try moving print into its own cell
possible a windows-only problem too
could you copy paste the full text of the error message into a gist or something?
ok just a minute
Hi @achintamiri I can reproduce this error and am investigating
Hi @achintamiri, I've found the cause of this and am working on a fix. Thanks for your patience
Hi @achintamiri thank you for your patience -- this was a gnarly one, but it should be resolved on
@Max GasnerThanks max for looking into the issue.Could you please give me the issue number so that i can track it and see the fixed version?
@Max Gasner I can see https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/1727 issue is raised could you please let me know if I need to upgrade my installed dagster package or the version number on which I can see this fixed ?
Hi @achintamiri, we haven't released this fix, so you will need to install from source. You should be able to run
git clone git@github.com:dagster-io/dagster.git
and then use
pip install
hi @max thanks .I will take the source
@max I have cloned the source code in my conda virtual environment with corresponding packages .I have created a small workflow in the same location .Could you please help me to understand what command I should give in the terminal to run my .py file from the source code as I see
dagit-cli -f filename.py -n  pipeline
doesn#t work
What output are you getting when you run that command?
@achintamiri We've just released 0.5.8, which includes this fix
hi @max ill upgrade and check