Hi there, I've got a question about multiple outpu...
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Hi there, I've got a question about multiple outputs. I'm pretty sure this won't be possible, but I'd need multiple outputs for a solid, without knowing in advance how many I'll have. Each of those outputs would then create its own branch of the subsequent solids-chain. Any thoughts on this?
Hey Markus! We don’t have support for a “map” operation like you describe at this time, although I agree it’s an interesting use case. You can always return a list of of an object as an output, but we don’t support dynamically generating nodes based on data produced during the computation at this time.
Yeah, I thought as much. Thanks anyway though, I'll try to think of another way of doing it...
this toy example uses a list output to divide a dynamic amount of work to a static number of "workers" which might be a reasonable workaround depending on your use case https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/master/examples/dagster_examples/toys/sleepy.py