# announcements

Andrey Savov

07/17/2019, 7:28 PM
What’s a good way to try out airflow execution? I do see airflow tests with a docker container, is there any guide how to run?
@nate ?


07/17/2019, 8:10 PM
hey! looking now and the documentation on this definitely needs some work - I’ll take a pass at that this afternoon. in the interim, here’s a quick MVP example:
Generally, we expect your Dagster code to be installed as a Python module in your Airflow environment, in which case you can use the
make_airflow_dag(module_name, pipeline_name)
API - the example above is the case where you’d like to just use a plain Python file dropped in your Airflow DAGs folder
also, there is a (currently undocumented)
dagster-airflow scaffold
CLI which can automatically scaffold the Airflow DAG file—I’ll take a pass at documenting that as well