if you go to `dagster/python_modules/dagstermill/d...
# announcements
if you go to
and run dagit, you should be able to execute the pipelines from there
Thanks for the reply. On running dagit the browser gave an error of repository.yaml not found. I create one looking similar to one on git master repo. Now on opening browser after running dagit, I get error as [GraphQL error] as_dagster_type() got an unexpected keyword argument 'typecheck_metadata_f
can you paste the whole error?
and yes, i think that to explore these examples it would probably be best to check out a copy of master
ah, i think i see the issue you're facing. if you're on master, probably best to install the dagster repository using
pip install -e
I cannot do a -e in pip as it gives me I don't have user permissions. While check out, makefile gives a lot of error of unable to import
Like unable to import a lot of libraries.
What i am really looking at is a basic example which I can run on dagstermill. Any help in that area will be also really helpful as of now
you can take any notebook and run it with dagstermill following the recipe there
basically, you just define a solid with
and give it a path to the notebook
then that solid can run in any dagster pipeline
Max,The link you mentioned above doesn't work
Hi Max
I tried running this as well
Got this error
k_means_iris_solid = dm.define_dagstermill_solid( AttributeError: module 'dagstermill' has no attribute 'define_dagstermill_solid'
hmm, do you have dagstermill 0.5.2 installed?