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03/03/2019, 5:02 PM
@schrockn @max You know what'd be a rad feature of the framework? A built in way to diff a dag. Here's the problem I'm running into. As the number of collaborators increase, there are sometimes unintentional dag structural changes introduced. These are often difficult to find unless everyone is constantly reloading
, and able to see 1 solid change in a giant dag (not an optimal human task). I used to use this rad "perceptual diff" tool for front end work to catch visual regressions and I'm thinking something like this, but not running via pixel by pixel diffs - but by executing against the internal representation of the dag itself. Then you could imagine dag snapshots being built into an org's pipeline CI:
Dagbot reports these dag changes: to confirm intention, to indicate this was unintentional.
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