# announcements


09/21/2018, 11:38 PM
1) Zooming is a bit “twitchy” from a product experience. I really like the fixed two levels of zoom but I think we need to make the user feel very in control. Right now it zooms and unzooms when I don’t want it to. Examples: - When I single click a solid from the zoom out view I don’t really want it to zoom. I just want the detail pane to remember what the full name is or something, - When I pan and drag it when zoomed in it zooms out. I would suggest having clear rules about zooming. I think this would be both be clearer to the user and easier to implement. I think a good start is to have double clicking just unconditionally toggle zoom level. Very simple and very clear
I also think the scroll wheel should probably instigate a zoom toggle when it’s in the “correct” direction but I could be persuaded that we should leave this open for other uses

Ben Gotow

09/21/2018, 11:45 PM
yeah I think you’r right this auto-zoom thing is doing too much — I’ll try changing it to a double-click to zoom in/out + scroll wheel thing
i was hoping that by making it 100% determined by selection state it’d be really straightforward, but I think there are definitely scenarios where you want selection but not zoom
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