[RESOLVED] Our team has been debating whether usin...
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[RESOLVED] Our team has been debating whether using f-string formatting is a best practice or not when logging specifically in our repository that uses dagster. There does not seem to be clear consensus in the python community, and the official python docs for python 3.9 (which is what we use) https://docs.python.org/3.9/library/logging.html# doesn’t explicitly say either. This stack overflow post says f-strings has worse optimization, but other people still use it, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54367975/python-3-7-logging-f-strings-vs. I saw the dagster codebase itself using f-string formatting too. I’d like to switch over to use f-string formatting as well, but want to be able to back up why it won’t cause any issues. Any thoughts?