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This seems #random enough to be in this channel... I'm working on a Medium article about my team's implementation of Dagster. The plan is to publish it at the end of this month with a press release on our brand site. Our brand/marketing leader asked me if I thought anyone from Elementl would be interested in submitting a quote for the press release (sometimes when we send out a release that has to do with another company, they like to say something) so I thought I would just ask here. Is that something y'all would be interested in?
Hi Kevin. I'm the developer relations lead for Dagster and I'd be happy to connect with you. I will send you a DM so we can chat more about this. 🙂
Hi @Kevin Haynes I’ve recently created this Github Discussion to help share how companies/projects are using Dagster. Feel free to share your post there once it’s out!
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Awesome thanks @yuhan! We'll be publishing next week so I'll be sure to add it here
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