Daniel Kim

07/15/2021, 10:12 PM
Just wanted to say that I had no idea the name "solid" was controversial after watching the July dagster community video meeting. I was ok with "solid". When I first used dagster, I thought of "solid" from the phrase: "You done me a solid" or "do me a solid". Citation here. So I actually thought that is where the word solid came from 🙂
Honestly, I actually like "solid" and prefer it over "op" and I prefer "pipeline" over "graph". Everything else looks great in 0.12.x. The reduction in boiler-plate is very much welcomed.


07/15/2021, 11:08 PM
Can’t make everyone happy! 🙂 Thanks for your understanding

Matyas Tamas

07/16/2021, 5:48 PM
2¢: I'm also a fan of "solid" as a name; it's a nice balance of abstract, contextually disconnected from the word's original meaning, and familiar which I think is what you want for a name for a new abstract concept. It reminds me of "bolts" from apache storm, but I think solid is a much better name. New names are great though - I'm sure a lot of thought went into them! I'm a fan of the "graph" changes (and name) - they seem really ergonomic.

Andrew Parsons

08/18/2021, 2:46 AM
Can’t make everyone happy!
That's certainly the truth. I liked the verbose way of defining inputs and outputs, but I suppose that will fall out of fashion. For what it is worth, I associated "solid" with "discrete", as in a discrete unit of work. I liked "solid", but onward with
in the name of progress!
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