Is it normal for each one of my user-deployment to...
# deployment-kubernetes
Is it normal for each one of my user-deployment to take 200m-300m cpu pretty much constantly? The deployment is not heavily used yet but i've noticed this .
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NAME                                                              CPU(cores)   MEMORY(bytes)   
dagster-daemon-797dd59f5f-nsg9z                                   4m           169Mi           
dagster-dagit-5544764857-sn4p9                                    52m          314Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-58f449495fk2xvg   256m         62Mi            
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-5f7fbbff689qmhb   233m         130Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-55dbcfb7t2dmr     86m          165Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-6ff65f5czmwk      232m         110Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-9d869775f-j68nn   212m         169Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-5dbf5f848w7dm5    219m         208Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-6bf79b78df-ptw4s  299m         298Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-7fcf848f5475t47   313m         91Mi            
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-89c8dbf54-rkn95   150m         222Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-67986979d6-ntqb5  204m         126Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-5c98dhwdbm        203m         252Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-57644647c4-6g2t   241m         727Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-6c94fccxvl2w      202m         143Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-5dc77f4f9w4l      213m         115Mi           
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-65557b67f8-7skjf  326m         92Mi            
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-5db6b7747bj4ml    223m         94Mi            
dagster-dagster-user-deployments-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-76b5699f5f-b6q9p  221m         143Mi
Dagster 0.14.15
Hi Andrea. Do each of these deployments have some number of sensors running? Wondering if this is CPU used evaluating sensors every 30 seconds.
No, as far as I know we only have one sensor in use and that's part of a single deployment
well look in to profiling some of our internal deployments - but if you want to dig further you can use a tool like
in the pods (assuming you have the correct k8s perms granted) to see what they are doing
Thank you for the hint alex. I will have a look at it!