hi there, I’m trying to pass imagePullSecrets to a...
# deployment-kubernetes
hi there, I’m trying to pass imagePullSecrets to a k8slauncher run pod. Can anybody suggest why this tag seems to be ignored?
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        "dagster-k8s/config": {
            "pod_spec_config": {
                "image_pull_secrets": [
                        "name": "stg-docker"
def process_sales_data():
I’m on Dagster 0.14.20 but also had issues on 0.13.19
Hi Alex - what's the reason for wanting to vary this for an individual job vs. setting it on the run launcher? Do you have a user code deployment coming from a location with an image that needs a specific secret to load?
Hi Daniel, yes the user code and secret are configured after the launcher
So I think if you use the includeConfigInLaunchedRuns flag here, it will automatically pass through the image pull secrets from the user code deployment to the job: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/kubernetes/deploying-with-helm#configure-your-user-deployment Is that an option here?
(depending on how exactly you are setting the image pull secret on the user code deployment - that is in the helm chart I assume? That should get passed through with that flag)
this looks promising, I’ll give it a go and report back, thanks
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that worked, thanks again @daniel!