[dagster.cloud] I currently have one deployment th...
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[dagster.cloud] I currently have one deployment that’s pointing to my prod cluster
how do I configure a separate deployment to point to a new GKE cluster? I can see that I can add another agent in dagster.cloud but how do I associate an agent with a deployment?
whether I’m switched to
, I see the same agent token in Cloud Settings ---- I see this https://docs.dagster.cloud/guides/managing-deployments
Dagster Cloud Deployments allow you to execute Dagster application code in separate compute environments and with separately managed permissions.
Execution for each deployment is managed by a separate agent, so if you want to use multiple deployments, you will need to run one instance of the agent per deployment.
but I don’t understand how to actually configure this part: “Execution for each deployment is managed by a separate agent”
Hey Liezl - the agent token isn't deployment scoped, but you specify the deployment name in the helm chart
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$ helm upgrade \
    --install user-cloud dagster-cloud/dagster-cloud-agent \
    --namespace dagster-cloud \
    --set dagsterCloud.deployment=prod
(or by setting that field in the values.yaml)
gotcha! thanks for that pointer