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Arslan Aziz

03/28/2022, 9:53 PM
Hi all - I am using Dagster backed by Postgres for instance storage. Back when I first started with Dagster (0.12), I deployed on a VM and I had split my instance storage across three databases (runs, logs, and schedules), which I configured in my
. I am now moving my Dagster deployment to Kubernetes using the helm chart, however it seems that the helm chart only creates a single database to hold all instance data. Does anyone have tips on how my historical instance data (split across three databases) can be migrated with the helm deployment? Thanks!


03/29/2022, 2:57 AM
Hi Arslan- a few recommendations: • The included in-cluster postgres deployment is good for trying things out, but we don’t necessarily recommend it for production. A lot of users point Dagster towards a hosted version for example • For the migration between databases, I think you should be able to replicate the tables from each of your 3 databases into the one new one
Something like should do the trick- I would recommend using the same 0.12 version in your K8s cluster as you were running before to keep things simple, then potentially doing an upgrade after
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Arslan Aziz

03/29/2022, 2:13 PM
@johann I appreciate the information! I will give this a shot.