Hi all! I am running into an issue with my user co...
# deployment-kubernetes
Hi all! I am running into an issue with my user code deployment. For some context, I am running Dagster 0.13.9 deploying from Helm on GKE. My user code is structured as follows (no workspace.yaml file).
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+-- dagster_workspace/
    +-- data_platform_dagster/
        +-- repository.py
I am testing the
dagster api grpc
cli command in my user code container in interactive mode. When I run
dagster api grpc -h -p 3030 --python-file repository.py --working-directory /dagster_workspace/data_platform_dagster
dagster api grpc -h -p 3030 --python-file /dagster_workspace/data_platform_dagster/repository.py
I get the following error:
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dagster.core.errors.DagsterImportError: Encountered ImportError: `cannot import name 'k8s_job_executor' from 'dagster' (/usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/dagster/__init__.py)` while importing module repository from file /dagster_workspace/data_platform_dagster/repository.py. Local modules were resolved using the working directory `/dagster_workspace/data_platform_dagster`. If another working directory should be used, please explicitly specify the appropriate path using the `-d` or `--working-directory` for CLI based targets or the `working_directory` configuration option for `python_file`-based workspace.yaml targets.
I appreciate any direction. Thanks!
Hi Arslan - I think you want
from dagster_k8s import k8s_job_executor
from dagster import k8s_job_executor
I knew it was something simple 🙃. Thanks for your help!