Hey All! my team’s run into an issue where dagster...
# deployment-kubernetes
Hey All! my team’s run into an issue where dagster-daemon run used to start fine without providing any arguments, and now it requires it. We needed to override these command/arg values in the helm chart to make it work.
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command: ["dagster-daemon"]
          args: ["run", "--empty-workspace"]
Is this the intended effect? did dagster-daemon run use to assume --empty-workspace when no workspace is provided? It now fails asking for more arguments when just using the out of the box helm chart.
Hey Charles, this sounds like a consequence of upgrading to 0.14.0 - the daemon now expects the same workspace as dagit. https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/master/MIGRATION.md#breaking-changes If you're using our built-in Helm chart, no changes should be required though
But if you were including your own workspace.yaml on dagit, that now needs to be included on the daemon pod as well
ok thanks!