Hi all, does anyone know how I can specify a `node...
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Hi all, does anyone know how I can specify a
value for the dagit service in values.yaml? I want to set up external access to the Dagit UI, but I don't necessarily require ingress. I'm ok with using a NodePort service. But I would like to be able to specify a
so that one isn't randomly assigned. I tried something like this
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    type: NodePort
    port: 80
    nodePort: 32501
but I'm getting
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Error: UPGRADE FAILED: values don't meet the specifications of the schema(s) in the following chart(s):
- dagit.service: Additional property nodePort is not allowed
Does anyone know how I can achieve this? TIA
So not supported directly
You can use a post render filter to add it though
(usually via Kustomize)
Alternatively if you're a very very bad person, they didn't quote the port so
port: "80\n      nodePort: 32123"
might work
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Ok, good to know.. thanks so much!
If you use that last one and it works, don't forget to say a prayer to the YAML gods.
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