I have a naive Kubernetes question I deployed dag...
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I have a naive Kubernetes question I deployed dagster to Minikube yesterday, but the worker containers can't connect to our postgres instance without a running background
. GCP recommends attaching a sidecar container like so: https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/postgres/connect-kubernetes-engine. How do I go about adding a side-car to the dagster-user-deployment?
I'm trying to modify the template and add the containers here to here, but this seems clunky
Your best bet would be a post render filter using Kustomize
You can also use a mutating webhook but I don't know of one for the cloudsql proxy
Also FWIW the proxy is technically optional, only required if you enable IAM authentication controls.
That's an interesting tip regarding Kustomize. I'll definitely look into it. For now, it seems to work if I run minikube with our VPN
Then, I think we can launch our pods into the same subnet as the database, so that shouldn't be an issue in production