Hey guys, I have a partition of ~300 items that ta...
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Hey guys, I have a partition of ~300 items that take forever to load in Dagit (most of the times it wont even load). The partition is generated from a list of urls found in a 5MB spreadsheet, so it should not be a big problem. It takes a while to load locally, lets say 10-20 seconds, and it won't load most of the times in Kubernetes. Where should I look into in order to enhance this process? If it is a matter of resources, should I increase dagit resources, my deployment resources, or dagster daemon?
cc @prha
@Rubén Lopez Lozoya Is this on the partitions tab of the pipeline?
One question, where does the partition query gets executed, in Dagit or as part of my user deployment, because in order to retrieve partition items I need to access some google secret
Hey Ruben - it'd be the user deployment (dagit never executes your code directly)
Cool, thanks, I am getting now some auth weird errors that should not be there because the secrets are part of my env variables, will check this