Hey guys, what is the best way to update user-depl...
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Hey guys, what is the best way to update user-deployment in k8s, for example if you just built new image? Right now I have to delete pod and replica set restarts it, but it's not that convenient
Hi cvb- our recommended way to do this is to have a CD pipeline that builds and pushes your image with a new tag, then do a helm upgrade with that new tag. The deployments will upgrade without having to kill pods, and you can configure rolling updates
sounds painful if you have your infrastructure as code and want to keep dagster separate from your user deployments 😞 guess I can have dagster deployment in the same repo as my pipeline, that will allow me to keep automated CD
I can actually do that with something like
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    enabled: true
    enableSubchart: false

      enabled: true
        - host: mypipelinehost
          port: 3030
in dagter values.yaml and then I can build my own application chart with https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/tree/master/helm/dagster/charts/dagster-user-deployments and with this my pipeline code and dagster would be independent is there any chance that dagster-user-deployment will be uploaded as a chart, so I wouldn't have to copy it?
I believe the chart is uploaded, are you not seeing 0.11.4? Maybe need to update the helm repo
it's there, I was using wrong repo, thanks