Hi - low-pri question about the helm chart in 0.10...
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Hi - low-pri question about the helm chart in 0.10.5 - it appears that starting this release redis pods are part of the helm chart if you enable them. 1. If you already have an external redis service (e.g. I'm using a hosted one on GCP), it appears that there is no way to deploy the helm chart with redis enabled without also creating the (extraneous) redis pods 2. I haven't tested this carefully, so I might be mistaken, but if you decide to use the helm chart redis pods I'm not sure if the host addresses get passed correctly
oh good catching, fixing
Thanks! also, unrelatedly, I believe that there is a bug in
dagster new-repo
where the
directory isn't included by setup.py as package data in the distribution (so the command works if you install from source, but the new_repo template directory is missing in the packaged version)
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thanks for raising! cc @bob ^^
hi @Matyas Tamas. thank you for catching that. i’ll work on a fix for that today