Hello Guys, I am having my Dagster Pipeline clust...
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Hello Guys, I am having my Dagster Pipeline cluster running in Google GKE. The Flow is: • GCF function sends graphql requests for 
 to Dagit Graphql Server • Dagit Graphql will create an ephemeral "dagster-run" job, that will run the pipeline as requested by the Graphql call. • This "dagster-run" job creates a Pod, which by default will request for 100m of CPU resources. Because the pipeline run can become very large and memory consuming, I want to set custom resources for the pod. But, when I look at the code in 
 where we create a job_container using 
 ,      There is no place to set "ResourceRequirement"      The V1Container() API does allow setting it, according to [1] Is there a plan to support for this feature ? [1] https://github.com/kubernetes-client/python/blob/master/kubernetes/docs/V1Container.md -> "resources"
hey Ken, yes this definitely needs to be fixed. @cat and I were just discussing this, and we’re actively working on fixing this—will keep you posted on when we have something
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Thank you Nate! I look forward to seeing how this goes.