Is there a way to disable fetching secrets when us...
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Is there a way to disable fetching secrets when using the ECSRunLauncher? We do not use AWS secretsmanager, and I am having IAM permission denied error when starting launching a new run despite having the proper policies:
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Hi Josh - this isn't currently possible, but it would be just a small change on our side to support this (you would just need to set the secrets_tag field to empty or None)
Ok, great 👍 I think our corporate account has secret manager completely disabled since we use vault, thus any boto3 calls give permission denied.
The latest dagster release has this fix (if you set secrets_tag to None, it won't try to hit secretsmanager)
the default tag values is still "dagster" though
Wow that was a quick turnaround! Thanks for the update 😀
What we ended up doing was to create a task definition and specifying this in the config via Environment Variable. By having a task definition, dagster would not try to get secrets