# deployment-ecs


01/13/2022, 11:47 PM
Hi all - we have been following the deploy_ecs example in the dagster github. So far, we have successfully gotten the example up and running on ecs and are able to execute the my_op job from the dagster gui. We are now working on getting our own dags running but are unsure how to point the user_code path towards a location where we have our own dags. For example, is there a way to point the user_code to a aws codecomit repository or a efs filesystem so that when a dag is changed or updated, the changes flow thru dagster? Thanks in advance for the help. Great project - really feels a lot cleaner and more intuitive than other options out there!


01/14/2022, 4:46 PM
ECS requires an image - what you’re describing is something we usually see users achieve through CI/CD tooling. For example, you might use Github actions (or another build tool) to build, tag, and push an image on each new commit. And then you might have a different Github action that redeploys Dagster with the newest tagged image on each merge to main. Although the exact timing/trigger is up to you.