Do you enjoy using Dagster? Join us as a developer...
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Do you enjoy using Dagster? Join us as a developer advocate! As the developer advocate, you will create product education materials that will help our users to smoothly onboard to Dagster and succeed in learning about the project and best practices, adapting Dagster to their custom infrastructure, evaluate Dagster for their organization, or anything in between. You will also be one of the early members of the dev rel team and will have the opportunity to help us shape the team as it grows. ✨Develop product education materials ✨Represent Dagster in the developer community ✨Engage with users ✨Influence product direction on behalf of the community Here's the job post! 😄
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@Mollie @schrockn are you interested in a Spanish-speaking developer advocate? I spent the last 1 year and a half working developer advocate for Dagster since V0.12.0 in Scotiabank (@daniel thank you a lot) and, now, for a quantum computing startup, Zapata computing. But my english is still not perfect, however, Spanish is the fourth most spoken in the world. I am not located in U.S :(
@chrispc - unfortunately, we’re not currently set up to hire full-timers internationally and are looking for folks who are living or planning to live in the US. We're so glad you have been enjoying Dagster, though! It sounds like you've taken it with you across jobs. Very cool. 😄 💜
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