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03/03/2022, 8:05 PM
Are you in Europe? 🇪🇺 Do you want to make virtual meetings and remote work better (see an example screenshot below)? 📹 Are you enthusiastic about data?💡 If your answer is
to all the above, then consider applying to these open positions at Prezi: • data engineer 🛠️ ◦ work on infrastructure and tooling (D+AWS+📓+etc.) ◦ guide data all the way from

instrumentation and ingestion

to the handshake with analysts who take over ETL tasks once business logic is applied in the pipeline • data analyst 🔍 ◦ work closely with stakeholders who own metrics and guide the company towards our north star (in a framework similar to this) ◦ be part of a team where learning and collaboration are key ◦ the ad says remote in HU but you can apply even if you’re elsewhere in Europe… Reach out to me if you have any questions!