Hello job seekers! :wave: I’m John and am respons...
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Hello job seekers! 👋 I’m John and am responsible for data engineering at Amino . We are a rapidly growing company that roughly doubled in size in the last year. If you want a job that isn’t just interesting technically, but actually makes a meaningful difference in user’s lives, please read on. We have an analytics engineer position to lead our data warehousing/analytics work. This gives you the opportunity to call the shots on how we build out our reporting capabilities and direct work of others towards that task. Amino’s focus is on helping users find high quality, low cost medical care in the US and saving them and their employers money and time in the process. We’re trying to do our part to make the broken US healthcare system work better for people. Our values are: • Show compassion • Raise the bar • Stay curious • Act with integrity Our tech stack includes: • Dagster • dbt • Snowflake • Python  • Stitch  • Looker  • AWS  • Databricks  • home grown confections 🍭 We’re looking for someone with experience building scalable analytics who is based in the US but wants to work remote. We’ve been operating as a remote first company since before the pandemic and feel we do it pretty well. If you have questions ping me directly as I’d love to chat.
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