I've got another opening on my team. The title is ...
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I've got another opening on my team. The title is Senior DevOps Engineer, but there is a fair bit of data infrastructure that we need to build out as well. Everything we do is open source and you can check out our current Dagster code at github.com/mitodl/ol-data-pipelines and our infrastructure code at github.com/mitodl/ol-infrastructure. This is also a remote friendly role (unfortunately US only though). I'm the hiring manager so feel free to ask me any questions, here or via DM. https://openlearning.mit.edu/about/jobs/senior-devops-engineer
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I was just about to ask about best practices for handling auth to GCP resources like BQ, but then saw this repo. Maybe it should be pinned somewhere in the forum - or added to the showcase channel🙂
Hi @Tobias Macey, I suppose this position has been filled? I would be very happy to consider something else, and I can afford to be somewhat flexible on salary. https://www.linkedin.com/in/blaisepabon/
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Hi Blaise, I'd be happy to discuss what we're up to. I'll DM you with contact info.
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