Hey y'all - I published an article about deploying...
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Hey y'all - I published an article about deploying Dagster on ECS using GitHub Actions for CI/CD. I'd love to get feedback from the community - What can be better? What would you like to read about in a future post? What's your dog's name? Thanks in advance for reading 🙂 https://medium.com/@kvmh/lyn-healths-data-laboratory-43806ca4051
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Well done, Kevin! Also, so many kind words in this post. daggy love Also, I've added this post to the community spotlight on our community page. 😄
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Hi Kevin, in addition to our community spotlight. I’ve recently created this Github Discussion to help share projects that are using Dagster. Feel free to share your post and repo there! — Figured it might be a great place to get folks’ ideas/feedback on the post too.
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Added! Thanks for the reminder, Yuhan
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