Hey folks! I just open-sourced my Dagster project ...
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Hey folks! I just open-sourced my Dagster project boilerplate, available here! I would love any feedback, especially around ways to make it more useful Notable Features That Make Your Life Easier*:* • Unified Dockerfile for development & deployment; easily integrates with CI/CD processes • Picks up code changes immediately (just hit
in dagit; don’t have to restart the container!) • Tractable package management using
No more hideous
pip freeze > requirements.txt
• Packages the source code according to PEP517 & PEP518 In the near future, I also plan on releasing a technical blog post that dives into how poetry works and how the Dockerfile was designed
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Well done! Getting started with Dagster is kind of hard, so a project boilerplate is a great help. I'll use this one next time I create a project 💪
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Hey @Alex Service, is it possible to make it work with Dagster Cloud Serverless deployments?