Is there any way to flag to Dagster that a sensor ...
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Is there any way to flag to Dagster that a sensor has successfully completed some action (i.e. not skipped), but it did not result in a run? I can use SkipReason to show a custom message, but it makes it look like the sensor was skipped. e.g. adding a line from this docs example.
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def my_slack_on_run_success(context: RunStatusSensorContext):
    slack_client = WebClient(token=os.environ["SLACK_DAGSTER_ETL_BOT_TOKEN"])
        message=f'Job "{context.dagster_run.job_name}" succeeded.',

    yield SuccessMessage("Posted to Slack!")
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Building out a custom sensor to look at all runs on the instance to send Datadog metrics when they complete, and it's working, but hard to tell from the UI. (I can't submit runs to send the metrics, or I'd enter an eternal loop of reporting on metric run completions 🙂 )
this isn't currently possible, but I filed an issue to track it:
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