still wish that running `dagit` in a directory wit...
# dagster-feedback
still wish that running
in a directory with an
just worked (without having to pass args to dagit, or create a workspace.yaml, etc.) but i can't complain as i guess i didn't implement this
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potentially dragons if you're not at the top of a module? But I guess the advice would be to just be at the top of a module
if you are building something from scratch, you can bootstrap the new project using the
dagster project scaffold
CLI which creates an empty project with workspace.yaml set up, so you can run
in the root. here’s the doc:
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amazing, i didn't find that because i jumped straight to the tutorial
also an area to improve in terms of docs navigation cc @erin
@Max Gasner I'm curious - when you landed in the tutorial, do you recall if you used the docs landing page (button near the top of the page) or you went into the sidenav?
i might have just typed dagster tutorial into google