it would be nice if the Deployment status page sho...
# dagster-feedback
it would be nice if the Deployment status page showed counts of numbers failed and succeeded in a timeframe
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like when hovering over a job
Great suggestion! I created an issue in Github so we can get this on our roadmap.
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hello, I see that this is merged, but I don't see it in dagster-cloud yet. do I need to update or something?
We're still experimenting with this so you have to enable the feature flag under your user settings. The setting is called
bucket run timeline...
We'd love any feedback you have once you try it out 🙏🏻
oh nice, I got it!
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yes, overall counts are great, I'd also like per job if possible
got it. that makes sense. we haven't planned on implementing job-level counts just yet but it's definitely something we will consider adding
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