I think the multi-asset sensor should be easier fo...
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I think the multi-asset sensor should be easier for developers. I really appreciate the flexibility of Dagster sensor that we can query operational database and trigger jobs. However, at the same time this will increase the complexity for simple use cases. As a user, I would love to have an option for a simpler interface. The ideal scenario for me is having a graph of assets, when all upstream dependencies are materialized, the follow-up downstream assets will started to be materialized with corresponding partitions to the upstream. And to do this with simple interface without touching database and cursor optimization logic, we can do this with the asset graph and partition constraint. For example: Asset 3 depends on Asset 1 and 2. When a scheduled job finish materializing Asset 1 and 2 at the partition 2022-01-01, partition 2022-01-01 of Asset 3 will be materialized automatically.
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hey @Son Giang - we're definitely interested in marking these improvements. Here's where we're tracking some of this: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/9000.
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