On Dagster cloud, it seems that the only way to co...
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On Dagster cloud, it seems that the only way to configure AWS ECS instances is via the tags
. It's very easy to forget to copy those tags when forking a new config from an old config. Could these options be supported somewhere in the main config (perhaps under something like
?) so that it's possible to put all necessary configs one place, as opposed to being spread between configs + tags?
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Hi Andrew - absolutely, we have plans to make this configurable at the code location and deployment level so that it'll be applied as a default to all launched jobs. the kubernetes agent works like that today (you can see there's a 'resources' key here: https://docs.dagster.cloud/agents/kubernetes/configuring#per-location-configuration) and we have plans to bring similar hooks to ecs as well.
Re-reading, I see what you're asking here is a little bit different (the ability to control this type of per-run config in the launchpad rather than in tags) - we're also thinking about ideas in that direction, but those are a bit further out