just re-surfacing this feature request. bulk kill ...
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just re-surfacing this feature request. bulk kill tools based on filters would be awesome! (maybe with some extra protection like “type confirm if you actually want to kill all these runs”)
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Not sure if it works, but can you filter by tag and status, then do a
select all
, or does that only select the current page?
last I checked it only selects current page 😞 let me try now
That seems like it would be the intuitive behavior -- a button that says, "select all 9999 results" and then lets you do the bulk operation
yep only current page
also just fyi this feature is lowpri for me, it isn’t as much of a problem for me anymore now that I’ve calibrated # of concurrent runs but if it’s high pri for others, please feel free to note it
and fwiw I posted a pretty full workaround via graphql + python script on the original thread
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Actually, just remembered -- if you go to the Status > Backfills page, pretty sure you can do bulk operations against an in-flight backfill there. this dropdown:
Hey @Liezl Puzon! Thanks for the suggestion. This feels like something we should support in Dagit. I logged an issue in our backlog here.