It should be possible for Dagster DBT assets to pr...
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It should be possible for Dagster DBT assets to programatically link through to their corresponding DBT docs if the developer / data engineer just specified where they were hosted. Is that already possible?
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hi @George Pearse! this should be a fairly straightforward change. would an interface that had you input the docs host when you were configuring your dbt_cli_resource work for you? something like:
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dbt_cli_resource.configured({..., "dbt_docs_host": "<|>"})
Yep, that'd be perfect
@owen I keep getting into positions where I want to programatically add some bit of documentation to every asset, now it's GIT_BRANCH, GIT_COMMIT and link to DBT docs, but I'm sure there'll be more, how could I go about this?
hi! the dbt docs url thing was sensible to add to the dbt config (as we already supported that info for the dbt cloud case), but for arbitrary other info there's a
parameter to the load_assets_from_dbt_project function, which allows you to add additional info for each output. Its parameters are the
for the underlying op as well as a dictionary of dbt node info for that particular node
(btw the docs config thing will be in today's release 🙂)
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@owen would also be nice if dagster could be configured to host the DBT docs, eg. <dagster-website>/dbt-docs or similar . Possibly / probably asking too much here.