Dagster Cloud: For sensors I would prefer a combi...
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Dagster Cloud: For sensors I would prefer a combination of the old UI and new 1. click to see details (list of runs) 2. surface # requested at the top of that list
Hi! For #1, are you looking to see a list of the ticks runs? Do you get a dialog when you click on the “63 Requested” tag?
here’s my current view, not as useful for looking back at historical ticks
my sensor spawns 50-100 every 5 minutes, so I have to keep clicking the back button in the new UI
For #1 I mean more on the timeline UI — I’d love to be able to see historical sensor batches easily same way you could zoom in and out on the timeline and scroll to the left / right easily (in the old UI)
I think probably if you just brought back the old timeline UI modal with the navigation I’d be happy!
I see… so mostly navigation is harder with the list view.
can keep the list view as-is because it’s still useful for recent history
but I wish I had the old timeline UI in addition to that list view
@Dagster Bot issue navigating historical ticks is cumbersome for sensors
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