<in the docs,> it says there is a `scaffold missin...
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in the docs, it says there is a
scaffold missing config
button in the launchpad. has that been deprecated? i know there's type-aheads, etc., but a full "show me my options" / "show me what the defaults are" feature would be great. i've been struggling with how to efficiently make the launchpad intuitive for consumers of dags.
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The config editor in Dagit the page comes with typeaheads, schema validation, and schema documentation. You can also click the "Scaffold Missing Config" button to generate dummy values based on the config schema.
what i have been doing is explicitly passing a
object to the job, which will populate the launchpad. But, it becomes a a fair bit of config to pass in if i'm using, e.g., a snowflake resource. i can see the other side where the "gradual typing" helps reduce the amount of config users see immediately, and avoid showing mutually exclusive config information.
hi @Stephen Bailey! the scaffold missing config button still exists, but it only scaffolds config values that are required (so if you have default values then the scaffolding will just leave those fields alone). This is a good point though -- it might be nice to have a secondary option to "scaffold missing config" that "scaffolds default values". Created an issue here: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/7227
Only somewhat related to scaffolding, but there are also ways to provide some config at definition time / in code which can help a bit with the boilerplate problem: https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/configuration/configured#using-configured
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thanks all!