1. Have you guys ever thought of adding a start an...
# dagster-feedback
1. Have you guys ever thought of adding a start and stop time to sensors, so you could have sensors that only run at a certain time of day i.e. a sensor that runs between 5-8PM MON-FRI or something like that. 2. Has there been any thought given to making resources, or maybe a special kind of resource, available to sensors. For example, the S3 file sensor shown in the documentation is pretty limited and feels like a workaround to just letting them use resources IMO.
Hi Nick - for 1, we don't have any special support for this, but I think the API is flexible to allow you to add your own logic for this without too much trouble? In theory it is as simple as adding a time check at the beginning of your sensor function, yielding a SkipReason if its not in the right time range. 2 is definitely something we'd like to support, although we don't have a specific timeline yet - that's being tracked here: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/3794
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