"We strongly recommend installing Dagster inside a...
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"We strongly recommend installing Dagster inside a Python virtualenv. If you are running Anaconda, you should install Dagster inside a Conda environment." Do you guys have a recommended virtual environment tool? I'm setting up my python pipeline, and the options are overwhelming. Pipenv, pyenv, virtualenv?
Hi Andy, the step 2 here: https://docs.dagster.io/community/contributing#environment-setup is our internal workflow and recommended set up for external contributions too.
I did a lot of testing with this as well, being kinda new to python but quite a bit of experience in other lang ecosystems. Asdf + poetry seems to work pretty well for me so far, with both vscode and pycharm
i ended up going with pyenv and venv, and it seems so far so good
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conda using mamba works quite well in my experience