Is there a way to view rendered / executed noteboo...
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Is there a way to view rendered / executed notebooks via the UI? I can see notebook code pre-execution in the solid definition which is great, but I thought you could also view graphs / tables once created via the UI? Notebooks are being executed successfully and stored in my local filesystem for the time being.
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We currently don’t have this capability but it’s an interesting idea for sure.
I could put a solid after the notebook executor that converts it to some standalone immutable format (markdown / pdf), another to send that file to S3 and then there must be a simple enough way to generate an S3 link in the Asset materialisation process (or similar) for download? Just trying to sort out some form of low overhead auto-reporting system.
Hi @George Pearse! Here’s a tracking issue for adding a preview for output notebooks in dagit Feel free to leave your use cases / suggestions / feedback on the issue.
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I think this image in the MapBox blog post made me think it was already possible, and I think I've had a similar view when I've viewed a solid in the playground which is a Jupyter notebook that I've already executed. Great blog/work @dwall, that sort of pipeline design takes creativity as much as tech savviness.
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