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Erik Kristiansen

09/19/2022, 9:23 AM
Hi all, I was looking through the documentation of Dagster but could not easily find the answer to my two questions, so I hope you can help me. Does Dagster support human interaction in the pipelines? E.g. data is being processed in the pipeline but must be validated manually before the final few steps. And does Dagster support states/context/history in the pipeline? Meaning the current run can be changed according to the data worked by the pipeline in the last hour. E.g. data is being processed and if the current value is greater than X and there were at least 5 other data values greater than X in the last hour then the workflow should branch, otherwise it should continue normally. I hope I explained it well enough.


09/19/2022, 3:18 PM
Hey Erik - we don't have any built-in support for interacting with jobs while they're in the middle of running. I could imagine a Dagster job integrating with some external system or API built for that purpose (an op that waits until some external action has been taken elsewhere, for example, polling over an API) but we don't have anything built-in like that
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To your second question, we have an example with continual branching that might be helpful:
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