hey <@U016C4E5CP8> can you help out a bit, I am ru...
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hey @daniel can you help out a bit, I am running a docker setup of dagster, and we need to provide auth creds of database in dagster.yaml. either by hardcoding or passing env variables
Hi Kushagra (incidentally, please don't tag specific team members - we have a support rotation and if you post here somebody from the dagster team will get back to you) If you're running in kubernetes or docker you can make use of kubernetes secrets or AWS secretsmanager to include environment variables without needing to specify them, but we don't currently have anything like that when running in docker. There's a discussion here about secrets management that you can weigh in on to influence the future direction of how we handle secrets though: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/8644
ah sorry, didnt know about the rotation part, will take care from now on. sure, I will see what I can contribute wrt my usecase