Hi there, a little new to Dagster. My team is look...
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Hi there, a little new to Dagster. My team is looking for a method to configure retries for schedules only. We do not want to configure the retry on the job level because we do not want to retry every job that we run, and we also do not want to retry on the op level. Is there any way to configure run retries on schedules? Or a way to configure job-level retries conditionally so they only retry for schedules? We have tried configuring retries on schedules similarly to the way retry configuration is set up for jobs in Dagster documentation with tags, but it seems the
tag is reserved for jobs.
Hi Ashlee - could you set the dagster/max_retries tag in the RunRequest returned in the schedule? Something like this:
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@schedule(job=configurable_job, cron_schedule="0 0 * * *")
def configurable_job_schedule(context: ScheduleEvaluationContext):
    return RunRequest(
        tags={"dagster/max_retries": 2},
Thank you daniel! This helped immensely!