If I want to create a partition each time a job ru...
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If I want to create a partition each time a job runs and I want my job to run twice per day at 12pm and 6pm, how can I do this?
There seems to be a
but not the other way around. Because this type of schedule is easy to express in cron but doesn’t fit into a uniform preset (daily, weekly, monthly, static) it would be handy to have a
@prha we don't currently support this right? any plans to add the capability?
Although there may be a better way to go about things. I'm new to schedules and partitions so I'm open to ideas if there's a better way to approach that scenario.
this isn't currently supported, but I just posted a PR to add support for it: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/9593. I can't make promises about how long it will take to get in, but I hope to get it into this or next thursday's release
Woah. Thanks @sandy. Much quicker than expected!